Go places and pull faces / and Jesus I was evil

It seems appropriate and timely to gather these minutes together fourteen years later (Daniel took his life on March 15th, 1998):

Still one of the most affecting and astounding recordings in New Zealand rock’n’roll’s lineage, and bizarrely it only has some 72,000 hits on YouTube (6,000 here and 66,000 at the other upload) which really underlines that touting huge YT numbers often simply underlines PT Barnum.

Trevor Reekie (amusingly – I have no idea how he knows this! ) claims it’s the most skipped song on Nature’s Best. That suspect statistic – if it were true – alone is a vote in its favour. I guess the many of the Six Months In A Leaky Boat fans would perhaps reel.

And the famous MTV Havoc interview (which also reminds us what a great interviewer on the visual screen Mikey is/was) with addenda interspaced after Daniel died:

Plus a great – and very funny –  Dylan Taite interview for TV3 I’ve not seen before:

As Bill Kerton so correctly says: utterly unique.

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