And (below) another re-polished video from Rob Mayes, this time for the Dec 1982 final release from The Screaming Meemees. Directed by indie filmmaker Willie Keddell, our budget was $129.

The video was made in early 1983, and the band had in effect split (although they would reform a couple more times for a farewell season – which included the never-broken attendance record at Auckland’s now demolished Mainstreet in upper Queen Street (as distinct from Upper Queen Street, and for a Propeller Records benefit gig as the label stumbled under the weight of the album recording bills from the Blams and the Meemees).

It was shot at the Auckland Philharmonia in Dominion Road with only singer Tony Drumm and drummer Yoh present – neither Michael O’Neill nor Peter Van der Fluit appearing. Their silhouettes are roadie Terry ‘Towelling” Graham and Adam Holt, now MD of Universal Records.

The song itself was recorded at Mandrill Studios and was the only released recording by the band not done at Harlequin Studios. It was also the only self-produced record – in this case by Tony with soundman Tom Sampson and engineer Glyn Tucker. The brass is Steve Anderton (son of Jim) and the handclaps, Peter Urlich. The percussion was from Manuel Echevarri and Ricardo Pratt.

The 12″ mix, done by Tony, Glyn and myself, was the first extended 12″ mix done in NZ.

Tony and Willie worked together on this and the concepts are both of theirs. Given that it was done with such a low budget it holds up rather well and I still rate the song as one of the best things I’ve ever released. You can find it on iTunes if you are so inclined, in a remastered version.

That remaster forms the soundbed of this, which has been rebuilt from a VHS tape by Rob. For more go to his channel.