The AsylumThe AsylumThe Asylum

Lost gold – for me at least. Newly discovered shots of The Asylum taken by Ian Marriott, later the bar manager at Cause Celebre and now the co-owner of Tahi Bar in Warkworth.

Opening in late 1986, The Asylum was a part-time club, in that it didn’t open every weekend, only when the space in Mt. Eden, now The Powerstation but then The Galaxy, was free.

Regularly pulling a 1000+ a night, it was the first club in NZ to play house music and pulled in people from all over the city – it may have been one of the first places where the North Shore and South Auckland met socially.

I love the shot of Roger and myself in the booth – it was a shaky thing and whichever one of us wasn’t DJing had to steady the turntables for the other. Mantronix’s Scream, Sly & Robbie’s Boops, and a DMC album evident.

More here if you so wish, although be aware they’re ancient pages much in need of attention.