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One of my favourite moments on disc in the mid-2000s came on the Kings Of Techno tribute to Detroit. French meister-DJ / producer/composer Laurent Garnier had slowly built up a wall of purist Techno and then, after a momentary pause dropped it into the snare roll and handclaps that begin the era-defining No Fun by The Stooges.

It was a moment of pure brilliance, a moment that tied so much together, and a moment that said, more than a million words on paper or screen could possibly say, about the joined interactive lineage of punk, soul, disco and techno.

It said, simply, ‘I understand’.

As did Laurent Garnier’s CBGB T-Shirt at Bed last night:

Laurent’s been the one electronic musician I’ve long wanted to but never had the chance to, see. His live recordings and videos just astound –  a jazz/techno/punk/funk collision that defies description here but pulls all those ghosts 1 – Hendrix, Coltrane, Cage, Kraftwerk, Clinton and Heard – together. With fellow Frenchmen Scan X and Benjamin Rippert, he did just that last evening.


Ahh… bugger it… here’s Acid Eiffel again:

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  1. some still with us of course – I’m talking musical legacy before anyone gets tetchy

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