Crossed Wires Again…

As an addendum the last post, this video, for the Newmatics’ iconic track, from their Broadcast OR single, has been missing in action for almost thirty years. I didn’t have a copy and I don’t think anyone from the band had one. It was made in Avalon, Lower Hutt, as a part of the substantial series of New Zealand videos made by TVNZ in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Unfortunately TVNZ asserted ownership of these, ignoring the fact that they were using copyright audio and performances by artists.

There has been progress in recent years, but for most of the last three decades the state owned broadcaster attempted to make money from these by charging the artists and labels silly amounts for copies.

I had no idea this even existed anymore but Rob Mayes found it on an old tape and has lovingly restored the thing. The video is still rough (TVNZ do you have a copy???) but the audio is 320kbs as supplied by me to Rob, who’s doing a whole lot of this.

So, massive thanks to Rob. Here is The Newmatic’s lost video of Riot Squad:

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