Crossed Wires Again…

As an adden­dum the last post, this video, for the New­mat­ics’ icon­ic track, from their Broad­cast OR sin­gle, has been miss­ing in action for almost thir­ty years. I did­n’t have a copy and I don’t think any­one from the band had one. It was made in Aval­on, Low­er Hutt, as a part of the sub­stan­tial series of New Zealand videos made by TVNZ in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly TVNZ assert­ed own­er­ship of these, ignor­ing the fact that they were using copy­right audio and per­for­mances by artists.

There has been progress in recent years, but for most of the last three decades the state owned broad­cast­er attempt­ed to make mon­ey from these by charg­ing the artists and labels sil­ly amounts for copies.

I had no idea this even exist­ed any­more but Rob Mayes found it on an old tape and has lov­ing­ly restored the thing. The video is still rough (TVNZ do you have a copy???) but the audio is 320kbs as sup­plied by me to Rob, who’s doing a whole lot of this.

So, mas­sive thanks to Rob. Here is The New­mat­ic’s lost video of Riot Squad:

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