Cos I’m the apple and you’re the tree

The woman in the mid­dle, on the side of the Sky­train, adver­tis­ing the Bank Of Chi­na, looks com­plete­ly demented.

I won’t open an account unless she’s the point per­son I deal with dai­ly. I used to have a dement­ed bank man­ag­er at the ANZ in Par­nell many years back. I liked him and I think he liked me. He nev­er rang.

You have to love the retail wars of Asia — nowhere else would you find, amongst the dozens of humon­gous overblown shop­ping precincts, a haunt­ed mall, pitch­black inside dur­ing the day aside from the large hang­ing moon.

A pet shop with dog­gie Play­boy bun­ny out­fits, a Spi­der­man cos­tume and mul­ti­coloured canine wigs com­pletes the thrill.

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