Well I do my best to understand, dear / But you still mystify / And I wanna know why

The Indone­sian Reli­gious Affairs Min­is­ter proves once again that being a moron is no imped­i­ment to get­ting a cab­i­net post in that nation.…

Suryad­har­ma added he did not agree with Muhammadiyah’s brand­ing of smok­ing as haram, say­ing he believed Islam’s orig­i­nal stance on tobac­co was makruh (frowned upon) but not haram.

Unless it pos­es a direct threat to human health, such as by caus­ing heart dis­ease, then smok­ing should not be haram,” he said.

[From Min­is­ter calls anti-smok­ing edict ‘unwise’ | The Jakar­ta Post]

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March 17, 2010 at 9:26 am

That’s gold.

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