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Just a thought on media weird­ness and the jour­ney that erro­neous data can take. In par­tic­u­lar I’m think­ing today of the reportage dri­v­el that was the core of much of the report­ing of Pauly Fuemana’s untime­ly death. I could write a book on the mis­re­port­ing of the whole sad OMC saga, you nev­er know where that thought might lead, and Peter Mclen­nan nailed it rather well here and here.

As he says: How does a one man band break up and reform?

And that’s the line in the recent bull­shit that’s real­ly got on my nerves.

Some­one, and god knows who it is changed this more cor­rect line in the OMC Wikipedia story:

By mid-1995, OMC had bro­ken up but Fue­m­ana used the group’s acronym as a solo artist.

which in itself, I admit, is con­fus­ing in the article’s con­text as it refers back to the orig­i­nal Otara Millionaire’s Club, as appeared on the 1994 Proud album, which fea­tured Pauly and who did indeed break up at the end of 1994 (not 1995), Pauly turn­ing up at Alan Jansson’s door after­wards say­ing he want­ed to car­ry on and Alan telling him to use the OMC tag. The agree­ment they made that day, and in sub­se­quent doc­u­ments that I wrote on their behalf, was that OMC was both or either of them.

That wiki con­fu­sion would have been fixed by some smart and quick editing.

But it was not to be. The edit­ing that took place by this per­son on 6 Decem­ber, 2009 changed the arti­cle and invent­ed a ‘breakup’ date in 2000, with­out any­thing approach­ing evi­dence, and com­plete­ly changed the fac­tu­al drift of the, admit­ted­ly half baked original.

That mis­take was, when the Pauly Fue­m­ana page was cre­at­ed on 31 Jan­u­ary this year (rather than re-direct­ing to the OMC page as had been the case), car­ried across to the new arti­cle and then used as research data by end­less non­sense sto­ries like this, cre­at­ed by thor­ough­ly lazy reporters who don’t seem­ing­ly have access to tele­phone or email to check data. And that linked sto­ry is now used as the cita­tion to back the erro­neous data in the Pauly Fue­m­ana page, tak­ing it full cir­cle. How Bizarre indeed.

The sim­ple truth is that OMC could not and nev­er did ‘break up’ as they were nev­er a group – it was a stu­dio con­cept put togeth­er by Alan Jans­son and Pauly. When Alan and Pauly stopped work­ing togeth­er in 1998 (until they found them­selves in the stu­dio again after I engi­neered it in ear­ly 2005, but that’s anoth­er whole sto­ry), Paul car­ried on using the name with Alan’s agree­ment. He record­ed demos and more under the name. Noth­ing ever ‘broke up’.

That shit­ty Stuff sto­ry also tells the view­er that the shot of Paul in a black suit and polo neck, in a red Euro­pean sports car (tak­en whilst we were in the UK) is:

A still from OMC’s music video

Which, in the real world, just hap­pened to fea­ture Paul in a gor­geous Poly­ne­sian styled shirt (man, he could dress) dri­ving two oth­ers (Sina Sia­pa­ia and a  Fil­ipino guy called Pil who was a last minute stand-in because broth­er Pele (DJ Soane Fil­i­ton­ga) hadn’t showed for the shoot) in a 1968 Impala. The video ain’t that hard to find.

But, myself I’ve always pre­ferred this vid, which fea­tures half the High Street kids of the day and I helped script. Check out his smile (and the dude with the cell phone: bricks rule).


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