White youth, black youth / Better find another solution

A guy on CNN’s Voic­es Of Reces­sion (yes that’s what they named it) emailed in to say that he knows things are bad in the nation as he can no longer afford to super­size his val­ue meals any­more.

Yes I know that things are bad, but the USA is pos­i­tive­ly rev­el­ling in its eco­nom­ic malaise. Aside from the women who had 8 kids (which is all the talk on the street, in the tabloids and on the radio), that’s about all you hear from the 5000 TV chan­nels in our hotels.

It seems to have replaced the WOT (no longer gov­ern­mentably copy­rightable as a phrase as Oba­ma has tossed it aside) as the calami­ty of obses­sion here. The chan­nels are full of folks who have lost their jobs; folks who might lose their jobs; folks who know some­one who lost their jobs; folks who own a busi­ness that relies on folks who might or have lost their jobs; folks who have lost their homes; folks who might lose their homes; folks who are pro­vid­ing sup­port for all these folks and every­thing else in between. And the more the chat­ter chat­ters on, the more self-ful­fill­ing it all seems to become as a nation stag­gers into the media pro­claimed dis­as­ter.

But for all that you can feel the anger at the bonus­es and the banks and the years of Enrons and Hal­libur­tons and AIGs. A taxi dri­ver last night (I love talk­ing to taxi dri­vers and lis­ten­ing to their often impen­e­tra­ble rea­son­ing) won­dered how long it would be before the nation took to the streets, which, as unlike­ly as such a thing might appear to a lad from a placid mut­ed democ­ra­cy like NZ, where we’ve just elect­ed a form­less amoe­ba as a PM, there is a his­to­ry of across the cen­turies here in the US.

And in between the talk It’s quite fas­ci­nat­ing, and more than a lit­tle unpleas­ant to watch the vul­tures shame­less­ly swoop..there are bizarre glossy fast talk­ing extend­ed adver­to­ri­als on day­time TV from peo­ple offer­ing to sell lists of tax fore­clo­sure prop­er­ties and turn, what is increas­ing­ly being glee­ful­ly called a depres­sion where there are only two sorts of peo­ple: the rich par­a­sites and those decent real peo­ple who work for them, oth­er’s mis­ery into your prof­it.

Maybe, they should start though, by reduc­ing the size of the serv­ings….


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