Well your teeth are clean / but your mind is capped

Good god! Am I sur­prised though? Ahh… no…

The 5,440-meter Sura­madu Bridge link­ing East Java to the arid island of Madu­ra, which was kicked off with much fan­fare by the pres­i­dent on Wednes­day last week, is now miss­ing 42 main­te­nance lamps, as well as some assort­ed nuts and bolts.

The miss­ing lamps were report­ed by the project’s con­trac­tor, said AG Ismail, the head of the Nation­al Road­ways Oper­a­tional Agency V.

In their report, the Chi­nese con­trac­tor said that 42 lamps have dis­ap­peared from inside their steel gear­box­es,” Ismail said, adding that the items appeared to have been stolen dur­ing heavy traf­fic on Sat­ur­day and Sun­day.

The miss­ing lamps were not used to pro­vide light­ing for traf­fic on the bridge, but were main­te­nance lights fixed inside steel­box­es on the under­side of the struc­ture, he said, adding that the lack of light may ham­per main­te­nance work.

The con­trac­tor also report­ed that hard­ware had been stolen from rail­ings on the bridge, and signs of cut­ting were found on some of the cables sup­port­ing the bridge’s main span.

[From New­ly Opened East Java Bridge Gets Pil­fered For Scrap Met­al And Used Parts — The Jakar­ta Globe]

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