Step on the gas / And wipe those tears away

Just a moment of irony. The gilded Camel

Hav­ing dri­ven from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on Sun­day (includ­ing being passed by a car, which we were reli­ably told, was a sil­ver Corvette – sol­id sil­ver that is), after a meet­ing we turned around to dri­ve the 120 or so Kms back to the mas­sive con­struc­tion site that is Dubai.

Abu Dhabi sits on one of the world’s big­ger pud­dles of black gold, and we need­ed to fill up, quite urgent­ly.

Easy? Well, no. The road from AD to D, almost until you reach the Dubai bor­der, has absolute­ly no gas sta­tions, and thus, stress­ing, with Greg, who was dri­ving us, employ­ing a shift into neu­tral on the slight down­wards slopes that you encounter on the 10 lane free­way, to save that last few mil­li­l­itres of gas, we even­tu­al­ly crawled into a packed ENROC sta­tion some 35km from Abu Dhabi’s busi­ness cen­tre.

It just seemed iron­ic.

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