So very sad, so very evil.…

The Dark side of par­adise.…

Although no offi­cial sta­tis­tics are avail­able, data sug­gest 80,000 to 100,000 women and chil­dren are vic­tims of sex­u­al exploita­tion or traf­fick­ing for such pur­pos­es each year, with many sent to Malaysia and the Mid­dle East, or local­ly to Jakar­ta and Kali­man­tan.

[From Traf­fick­ing Dri­ves Thou­sands of Girls Into Pros­ti­tu­tion — The Jakar­ta Globe]

You see them every­where in Bali, and a street near our old house had sev­er­al hous­es. The girls live in hov­els across the road. The most com­mon vis­i­tors seem to be Police who can be seen tak­ing envelopes at night or dri­ving out (and you can be sure law enforce­ment was not what they were there for).

The girls, you often see them in unhap­pi­ly walk­ing the streets between their hov­els and the house, or get­ting into vans for deliv­ery to a hotel or par­ty some­where, all look so sad and hope­less. Most are very young.

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June 14, 2009 at 4:20 am

Yeah, a friend of mine used to work through­out Asia in the trav­el indus­try and has some real hor­ror sto­ries. It was this sort of thing that forced him to quit the busi­ness.

He was reg­u­lar­ly bribed, threat­ened, to coop­er­ate and recruit tourists. Much of the trav­el busi­ness still turns a blind eye.

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