No Tricks In ’86: The 12″ Singles

The techno mafia

Back in Jan­u­ary 2006, on this blog, I post­ed a list of my favourite 12″ sin­gles. It was picked up by quite a few oth­er sites, not least of which was the god­fa­ther of all house and dance music sites, Jah­son­ic, and it kin­da went around the world, which was a buzz. I them fol­lowed it with a list of 7″ sin­gles and albums.

The list dis­ap­peared into the blog archives and when I changed the URL to my own (from a blog­ger one) it, along with all the ear­li­er posts, lost all their images..and I was too lazy to spend days or weeks fix­ing it so I decid­ed to pull this list from the archives and put it more per­ma­nent­ly on my site. It can be found here.

I fixed a cou­ple of typos and an mis­take or two but it’s real­ly as it was, with new images. Enjoy or crit­i­cise, whichev­er turns you on…

The albums and sin­gles will fol­low at some future stage.

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