My, my my, we’re treating each other just like strangers /I can’t ignore the significance of these changes

Last night we wan­dered down East Hous­ton at about 10.45 pm. All was pret­ty much as you’d expect. 45 min­utes lat­er we walked back and came across this:


In the three quar­ters of an hour this car had, a few metres from our hotel, caught fire, and been gut­ted in a fair­ly dra­mat­ic way. There was no-one, either police or pri­vate, seem­ing­ly in charge of the charred wreck, which was pulling in fair num­ber of cam­era phone tot­ing late night wan­der­ers.

An hour lat­er we walked past and it was gone, with hard­ly a trace, apart from the remains of the back seat on the side­walk. That too was gone this morning…not a mark­er as to what hap­pened last night, in a fair­ly dra­mat­ic way, left.

I guess it makes a change from bat­tling the inces­sant cold, or try­ing to work a way out of the Heavy Met­al bar we found our­selves in, in Williams­burg, ear­li­er in the evening, which was a very Pee Wee Her­man moment.

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