The Screaming Meemees sound as fresh and vibrant today as they did in 1981 and 1982. They still leap out of the speakers full of teenage verve to a pounding almost martial rhythm from Joh and Peter. Tony Drumm adding the off-true Kiwi vocal and ear for a memorable hook line Jordan Luck would work into a high art. Michael O’Neill – style and guitar – never too little and never too much – punk sting and intent intact – but always so much more than that – finding power in the melody and colour.

[From Mysterex: The Screaming Meemees revisited]

Andrew Schmidt’s overview of the Meemees’ career is both incisive and honest (as his blog, which is utterly essential reading for anyone with even a passing interest in music from the southern isles).

Did we do 104 gigs in 1982? ..shit….

They were, and I’m biased of course, a thoroughly brilliant band.