In Peking there is a son / who is much greater than you want to be

Tank Man

Ter­ril Jones had only shown the pho­to­graph to friends.

While work­ing as a reporter in Bei­jing dur­ing the Tianan­men Square protests of 1989, he shot many pho­tographs and record­ed sev­er­al hours of video. It wasn’t until weeks after­wards, when he had returned to Japan, that he dis­cov­ered the mag­ni­tude of what he had cap­tured — an icon­ic moment in his­to­ry from an entire­ly unique angle.

His ver­sion of the tank man has nev­er been pub­lished until now.

[From Behind the Scenes: A New Angle on His­to­ry — Lens Blog —]

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