I’m going to ask you if you want to be a chorus boy / You can mime the tragedy while we all sing along

A month and bit away, you for­get.…

  • At the office today the pow­er on the sec­ond floor, which just hap­pens to be my one, all went down
  • Even when it’s on it’s such a low wattage that we con­tin­u­al­ly blow it all the time by just plug­ging in some­thing like a fan
  • We paid some guy US$800 as an unof­fi­cial ‘fee’ in May to upgrade it in ‘a few days’. He now won’t take our calls but the guys who work for him said, when they turned up to repair it, some six hours after they said they’d arrive, that it was now ‘sata ming­gu saja sam­pai listrik siap’ (one more week). Sure.
  • Then the inter­net, which was run­ning on go slow, which is say­ing some­thing where 50kbs is ‘broad­band’, sim­ply stopped. The ever reli­able inter­net com­pa­ny (as in ever reli­ably, unre­li­able) sent some­one who said that it was because we had turned the router off. We had not and it mag­i­cal­ly began to work with­out his assis­tance although we had to sign a bit of paper to say it was our doing. As soon as he left it died again. I rang the com­pa­ny, whose help desk seems vague­ly lit­er­ate, and they said it was a repeater issue all along, down the road. That I’d signed a bit of paper tak­ing full respon­si­bil­i­ty seemed to be nei­ther here nor there. What­ev­er. It came back on short­ly after but was even slow­er.
  • The pow­er guys fixed the pow­er on my floor and said it was a dodgy thingy in the pow­er box and it would be fine now. Ten min­utes after they left it blew again. I gave up and decide to read the Jakar­ta Post online, using an exten­sion lead up the the stairs. The sto­ry that most intrigued me was the one about the new tax guy in Indone­sia, who seems, sad­ly, to be as taint­ed as the rest of them. I guess after win­ning the elec­tion, albeit with some con­tro­ver­sy , SBY has tak­en the firm deci­sion to take a breather in the fight against the cor­rup­tion that eats Indone­sia alive, and it’s busi­ness as usu­al for the boys..

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