I saw you last night walking with another guy / guess how I feel now

And a (par­tial) playlist for the morn went some­thing like this:

  • The Detroit Exper­i­mentThink Twice
    the Hen­rik Schwarz and Mark E mix­es of Carl Craig’s gath­er­ing of Motor City jazz vets actu­al­ly work, with Mr. E’s pair hav­ing an edge IMO – and that sur­prised me.
  • The Beastie Boys
  • Beast­ie BoysPaul’s Bou­tique
    the 20th Anniver­sary edi­tion com­plete with a repli­ca of the first edi­tion vinyl wrap around sleeve. I DJed at the NZ launch par­ty. I feel old. This album does not sound old. Or maybe it does.
  • Liq­uid Liq­uid
    the col­lec­tion of just about every­thing that was out on vinyl in 2005 (as a reis­sue of a 1997 album just to con­fuse) and final­ly made it to CD late last year
  • Ben­gaB4 The Duel
    I keep think­ing ear­ly Bronx hip hop when I lis­ten to this guy. This does­n’t sound much like The Birth­day Par­ty but it car­ries the spir­it. I’m not sure I know what I mean.
  • NuanceLoveride
    Big thump­ing elec­tro vox track that we used to thrash at The Play­ground and The Brat. Yes, indeedy –  and all I wan­na a do is scream, scream, scream..…
  • Johnny Thunders
  • Pre­fab SproutHe’ll Have To Go
    a bonus track on the US reis­sue of Steve McQueen although they called it Two Wheels Good so as not to offend Ali McGraw or some­thing. It’s a Jim Reeves tune init.
  • The SaintsThis Per­fect Day
    the oth­er great Sain­t’s song. Did you know that I’m Strand­ed was pro­duced by a New Zealan­der. There you go, we’re every­where.
  • Stu­dio -Ori­gin
    Swedish nu-dis­co troupe suc­cess­ful­ly imi­tate New Order cir­ca 1988.
  • Dip­lo -Smash A Kan­ga­roo
    on the recent col­lec­tion of Dip­lo mix­es and from a kind of col­lab­o­ra­tion with an Aus­tralian co-op in 2007. The (inten­tion­al) clunky ock­er accents are choice.
  • John­ny Thun­dersSub­way Train
    poor old John­ny. What is it about trag­ic old junkies? There always comes a point where the smack over­takes the tal­ent. This big noisy bal­lad (first done by The New York Dolls on their debut, but clear­ly John­ny was­n’t hap­py with that and this kills it) from So Alone, is a pret­ty strong rea­son to argue Thun­ders had­n’t reached that point in ’78. That came short­ly after though.…
  • The Fire­manNoth­ing Too Much, Just Out­asight
    McCart­ney (and Youth who seems to have a pret­ty token input)
    did quite well with Elec­tric Argu­ments. It’s pret­ty lis­ten­able (at least the first 6 tracks or so before it wan­ders off) and I love this son of Hel­ter Skel­ter big time. You hang on wait­ing expec­tant­ly for Ringo’s blis­ters wail each time it ends. Not bad for an old fel­la and a wor­thy addi­tion to a body of work that has improved sub­stan­tial­ly in recent years.
  • Andy Stott- Unknown Excep­tion
    tech col­lec­tion from my favourite pro­duc­er de jour.
  • The ViceroysHeart Made of Stone
    Soul wrench­ing bal­lad from Sly and Rob­bie’s piano phase.


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