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The Tor­rent Bay tri­al is fas­ci­nat­ing and has pro­vid­ed the record­ing indus­try with an fair­ly high pro­file out­let for some of it’s more out­ra­geous claims, most of which either don’t stand up to heavy scruti­ny or analy­sis. There has been much writ­ten about the decline of the dol­lar val­ue (although not the unit num­bers, which are on the rise, giv­ing sub­stance to part of the below sto­ry) of the record­ing indus­try’s busi­ness since 2000 but the things the labels don’t want to talk about are fair­ly well summed up in the piece linked to below (and no, ‘music is shite now’ is not one them, thankfully).

Recent­ly I not­ed a meet­ing I was at, close to a decade back, when the ogre of the day was blank CDs. An indus­try spokesman in NZ loud­ly and pub­licly tout­ed a fig­ure of lost sales based on CD burns using 50% of the blank discs sold in NZ as a base. Some­body qui­et­ly point­ed out the fig­ure being tout­ed was greater than the sum of all NZ CD sales in the pre­vi­ous year.

Just as a note, this is tak­en from Tor­rent Freak which clear­ly has a side in this but writer Jens Roland is a guest of some sub­stance.

Accord­ing to Per Sundin, CEO of Uni­ver­sal Music, the decline in music rev­enues in the past 8 years can be ful­ly attrib­uted to (read: blamed on) ille­gal file shar­ing. If this were actu­al­ly true, many of us might even respect his deci­sion to go after pirates as fierce­ly as the music indus­try is doing right now. How­ev­er, the past 8 years have seen a lot more changes in the land­scape of home enter­tain­ment than Per Sundin would like to admit, and some of those changes have had a mas­sive impact on music prof­itabil­i­ty — much more so than any amount of piracy.

Let us refresh our mem­o­ries and take a look at what actu­al­ly hap­pened dur­ing and just before the past 8 years:

[From How To Kill The Music Indus­try | Tor­rent­F­reak]

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