Loop de loop

More Indo elec­tion good­ies. The first, well, clear­ly this guy sees him­self as a peace­mak­er, bring­ing togeth­er, in har­mo­ny, two wor­thy but com­pet­ing glob­al fac­tions. I’m sure the Amer­i­can peo­ple would be keen to to out­stretch the hand of friend­ship to Osama. Remem­ber, these folks have been nom­i­nat­ed by their par­ties to take a seat in the assem­bly of the 4th biggest nation on the plan­et. They see them­selves as play­ers, if you will.



The sec­ond guy (it is a guy I think) is clear­ly run­ning to tar­get the Golka­r’s poten­tial fetish vot­er (and there are a few of those amongst the devout, to be sure). Or the local KKK/Golkar Coali­tion ticket.



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