Civil liberty / I can’t see to pay a fee

I wan­dered quite hap­pi­ly around the Intre­pid Air Muse­um, killing an hour or two and indulging my clos­et fix­a­tion for old mil­i­tary air­craft. It was, as it always has been, quite a buzz to be sur­round­ed by these design won­ders, espe­cial­ly when the folks who pick the air­craft clear­ly seem to go for the quirky and unusu­al over the obvious.

I even man­aged to smile and men­tal­ly cast aside the three old­er Tex­an women who were say­ing to each oth­er, quite loud­ly, that this would all come to an end soon, as Oba­ma was gonna shut’em down and pal around with ter­ror­ists or words of that ilk.

But I won­dered why the fun­ny looks, from more than a few, espe­cial­ly those guys with the be-badged vet­er­ans hats that you alway see at these sorts of estab­lish­ments. The guys who put USMC (Ret) on their title and keep on salut­ing each oth­er, rather sad­ly, for decades after they were hon­ourably discharged.

Then I went into the wash­room and saw my hat in the mir­ror. Com­mu­nist Chi­nese head­wear, com­plete with a big embroi­dered red star, is prob­a­bly fair­ly rare in an Amer­i­can cold war and mil­i­tary museum.

Still, I final­ly made it into a Concorde


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