And with your hair combed right / and your pants fit tight

Yeah, it’s via Bob Lef­setz, who most­ly loves the sound of his own voice (remind me – what has he actu­al­ly done apart from type?), but this, if you wan­na be a pop star or just make music pro­fes­sion­al­ly, is very, very good:

record labels. they can help or they can drag you down. here’s the scoop. if they expect you to be the pri­ma­ry dis­trib­u­tor of the prod­uct, don’t sign the deal. the typ­i­cal deal is a 90/10 split, you get the ten minus every expense relat­ed to the project. thus you are pay­ing for every­thing and giv­ing the label 90 per­cent of the gross. read that sen­tence again.

if they aren’t real­ly real­ly offer­ing you some­thing good in terms of pro­mo­tion, or something.…some tan­gi­ble quan­ti­tized tie-in to some­thing big­ger, skip it. you can hire that stuff your­self eas­i­er. talk to oth­er artists on the ros­ter and ask them what they think. any more, if you are an emerg­ing artist, it’s going to be hard to find a label home. they are los­ing so much dough they only want for sure mon­ey mak­ers or some­what less mon­ey losers on the ros­ter, and they are drop­ping folks right and left. this is all good for you. take heart. it’s a 90/10 deal and you get the 10 and they want you to be the pri­ma­ry dis­trib­u­tor of the prod­uct plus pay for the whole deal, those are not very good terms.

Lots & lots more at the link.

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