They still call it the white house / but that’s a temporary condition too

All I real­ly need to say is thank god I was wrong. I’m a firm believ­er, espe­cial­ly as I’m now resid­ing in the land where voodoo, or a local vari­a­tion of it, is a legit­i­mate polit­i­cal phi­los­o­phy, that one should not be too opti­mistic about these things

I’m a pes­simist but I’m also hope­ful.

I’m hope­ful that Oba­ma will have the fore­sight and wis­dom to invite all the Clin­tons to his inau­gu­ra­tion, but most of whom George, who will then be per­suad­ed to per­form the orig­i­nal ver­sion of Paint The White House Black (or Choco­late City as it’s more cor­rect­ly called) as the song’s been thir­ty years in the wings wait­ing for this very moment.

We went to an Amer­i­can expat gath­er­ing in Sanur to watch the flag go down on eight years of Repub­li­can hell. It was a fair­ly uncon­tro­ver­sial gath­er­ing  – a straw poll (anony­mous) gave Oba­ma one hun­dred and some­thing votes to one, and the appro­pri­at­ed named organ­is­er, Jack Daniels, wise­ly advised the lone Repug to keep very qui­et.

That, of course was hard­ly a sur­prise, since, from per­son­al obser­va­tion, Repub­li­cans rarely trav­el unless they are a) post­ed places by big cor­po­ra­tions, or b) in the army. Hell, most don’t leave their coun­ty I’d imag­ine.

The two hired Indone­sians dressed as Uncle Sam, on stilts, real­ly looked the part. I’m just not sure what part it was sup­posed to be.

It was all going rather well – the food was over­priced but OK and the beers were even more ludi­crous­ly priced but try as we might we could­n’t win any thing in the raf­fle, aside from two very un-Amer­i­can Heineken tow­els – until they announced the CNN fore­cast of an Oba­ma slam.

This was fol­lowed by a very loud ren­di­tion of Hail To The Chief which seemed odd since the chief was nowhere to be hailed, either in Sanur or in Chica­go at that stage. And then the speak­ers roared out The Boss. Born in the USA came rat­tling out of the PA at deaf­en­ing lev­els and the bloke next to us, who I think was Euro­pean rather than Amer­i­can screamed out some­thing that sound­ed like hal­lelu­jah and burst into tears.

Bruce, evo­ca­tions to the almighty, and tears – it was all too much and I decid­ed I’d pass on the reduced ($7.50) Oba­ma ’08 t‑shirt on sale. They gave me an offi­cial Obama/Biden badge instead which was fine and will go well with my, keep-the-Marx­ists-togeth­er, Mao t‑shirt from Shang­hai.

The chap from Europe was hap­py. We all, bar the lone Repub­li­can in hid­ing (we think it was Tom, who sells gross­ly over­priced ‘antiques’ on the Bypass), were.

And then, with some tim­ing, the AV guys decid­ed to fine tune the CNN feed as Oba­ma was about to hit the stage. A flur­ry of hands at the guys, not least from the dis­traught guy next door to us who was about to miss his moment. And it came back on, with a red tint – which seemed out of place this late in the game.

The guy next door shout­ed out series of whoops and Oba­ma wan­dered on and said his, very impres­sive bit before hand­ing back to Wolf Blizter. The Indone­sians dressed as Uncle Sam won­dered what it was all about. Tom from the Bypass looked depressed and Jack Daniels said it was time to par­ty, but being mid­day we thought it was time to leave.

I’m very hap­py.

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