Some things you’ll never get used to / some things you’d rather forget / let’s say it again

Here’s an anniver­sary some would rather for­get:

.….…2008 marks the 10-year anniver­sary of two of the first MP3 play­ers, the Eiger Labs MPMan F10, and the Rio PMP300, but chances are you did­n’t lis­ten to a first-gen MP3 play­er in 1998. With the first iPod still three years off, most of us were in the heights of our com­pact disc addic­tion 10 years ago, con­tent to hear our music on portable CD play­ers. Hell, some of us still lis­tened to cas­settes.…

In ear­ly 1999 I was at a Fes­ti­val Mush­room con­fer­ence in Coffs Har­bour, North­ern NSW, with the Fes­ti­val NZ team and all the dis­cus­sion, well in between the stuff about how shock­ing­ly bad all the ock­er bands were, was about the first gen­er­a­tion play­ers just hit­ting the mar­ket.

And about Rupert Mur­doch (he owned the com­pa­ny and his son James ran it) and Roger Gri­er­son­’s (he was MD) plan for an online data­base of music that one could down­load to these prim­i­tive machines.

Over a few beers, we laughed a lit­tle at the idea.…

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