It’s a force of habit

It won’t last but the Grafton Bridge entry on Wikipedia right now is fan­tas­tic:

In Jan­u­ary 1980, John Jenk­ins made his­to­ry by being the first per­son to jump of Grafton Bridge and sur­vive. His large ears caught an updraft, and he was blown back onto the bridge. John, a minor per­son­al­i­ty in Auck­land’s punk scene, had been depressed for some months, after leav­ing the band Proud Scum. He said his sui­ci­dal ten­den­cies had been encour­aged by the band’s song “Sui­cide II”, and by his “friend” War­wick Hitler. Appar­ent­ly John will be mak­ing anoth­er attempt lat­er this month, in a vain attempt to protest the AK79 revival show.

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