God is a concept By which we measure our pain

From the church nev­er for­gets file:

John Lennon

A Vat­i­can news­pa­per has for­giv­en the late Eng­lish singer John Lennon for say­ing four decades ago that The Bea­t­les were more pop­u­lar than Jesus.

The paper dis­missed Lennon’s much-crit­i­cised remark that the Bea­t­les were more famous than Jesus Christ as a youth­ful joke.

The paper described the remark as “show­ing off, brag­ging by a young Eng­lish work­ing-class musi­cian who had grown up in the age of Elvis Pres­ley and rock and roll and had enjoyed unex­pect­ed success”.

Next they’ll be for­giv­ing Mar­tin Luther

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