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ojak And so, back to Jepara we go. To be hon­est I’d not real­ly heard of the place until a year or so ago but here I am back there, and in some style too – stay­ing at the town’s one and only lux­u­ry resort, The Palm Beach Vil­las. And by lux­u­ry, I mean the only one that doesn’t look like a hos­pi­tal in Stal­in­grad inside.

The trip to Semarang was some­what less event­ful than last month’s jaunt.


bemoThe road north from Semarang to Jepara, via Demuk, had recov­ered a lit­tle since the flood­ing last month but the down­side of that recov­ery was that the num­ber of mas­sive­ly over­loaded trucks and bus­es had seem­ing­ly dou­bled. But life seemed to have returned to nor­mal – or as nor­mal as cen­tral Java seems to our clos­et­ed Kiwi eyes.

The resort was fine. I ordered Nasi Goreng with extra cabe for break­fast but was dis­turbed to find that, in this land where things like fruit grow and grow in such abun­dant quan­ti­ties, we were giv­en fruit juice made from some­thing pow­ered. And undrink­able instant cof­fee.

boyfishingWe’d also asked for two extra pil­lows to sup­ple­ment the rock-like slabs pro­vid­ed. These were deliv­ered with a smile.

But the next morn­ing, when pre­sent­ed with the account we had two add-ons, one for the two pil­lows, and one for the cof­fee, which I was told was option­al. All of this came as a sur­prise and I deter­mined to write to the own­er to com­plain about those and the orange sug­ary sub­stance mas­querad­ing as a juice. With that in mind I took a busi­ness card and deter­mined to write the own­er a help­ful email.

Fast for­ward two hours to a hotel back in Semarang, where we were meet­ing a man from the motor trade (not real­ly but I always boysliked that line), a long time expat, who enquired as to our hotel in Jepara. Palm Beach I said. Oh, said he (eye­brows on the rise), how was it there, tense? No, said I. Why?


Mr Xavier was dri­ven from Yogyakar­ta to Jepara, where he shares a home with his Indone­sian wife. The cou­ple also run a lux­u­ry sev­en-room beach­side get­away out­side the city called the Palm­beach Resort Jepara

I guess I won’t be writ­ing that email look­ing for ser­vice improve­ments at Palm Beach. They may have oth­er things on their minds. We’re back there again in a few weeks.

I won­der who the land­lord will be?

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