Uno Dos / Ah Uno dos tres

Vinyl­ma­nia, the dance insti­tu­tion in New York City is to close this week­end. Now if that isn’t sad enough, check this, from Kei­th Thomp­son who sang on, what to me is one of the most per­fect house records of all time.

… but Vinyl­ma­nia sold close to 13,000 of “Break 4 Love” when it first came out on Grove St. in 1987

13,000! From one, very small record shop – few dance records on vinyl sell 1000 world­wide these days. Aly Us’ clas­sic Fol­low Me is reput­ed to have sold in excess of 100,000 on vinyl in the ear­ly nineties – how things change. I feel old.

Ok, I’m over that now…


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