Kiss me / you know you might miss me

And over at my website, I’ve put up a singles catalogue for Trevor Reekie’s (and Sheryl Morris & Tim Moon’s) Pagan and Antenna labels up until 2000. Trevor has written the track notes and they’re both witty and informative. What does immediately leap out is how much incredible music radio in NZ simply ignored over the years – why isn’t Greg Johnson a superstar – it has nothing to do with what he recorded.

Trevor, to my mind, has the best set of A&R ears ever in New Zealand – his signings and discoveries, more than anyone else’s, have defined NZ Music over the past few decades and, indeed, have provided quite a bit that others take credit for.

The recent history of NZ’s popular music has been rather re-written in recent years by those who are able to. Hopefully, discographies like this (and more I have to come – going back to the golden pop era of Zodiac, HMV and Impact in the sixties) will help to put the record straight.

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