Kiss me / you know you might miss me

And over at my web­site, I’ve put up a sin­gles cat­a­logue for Trevor Reekie’s (and Sheryl Mor­ris & Tim Moon’s) Pagan and Anten­na labels up until 2000. Trevor has writ­ten the track notes and they’re both wit­ty and infor­ma­tive. What does imme­di­ate­ly leap out is how much incred­i­ble music radio in NZ sim­ply ignored over the years – why isn’t Greg John­son a super­star – it has noth­ing to do with what he record­ed.

Trevor, to my mind, has the best set of A&R ears ever in New Zealand – his sign­ings and dis­cov­er­ies, more than any­one else’s, have defined NZ Music over the past few decades and, indeed, have pro­vid­ed quite a bit that oth­ers take cred­it for.

The recent his­to­ry of NZ’s pop­u­lar music has been rather re-writ­ten in recent years by those who are able to. Hope­ful­ly, discogra­phies like this (and more I have to come – going back to the gold­en pop era of Zodi­ac, HMV and Impact in the six­ties) will help to put the record straight.

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