Hold tight wait till the party’s over / Hold tight We’re in for nasty weather

Ulti­mate­ly, all these sce­nar­ios have to sat­is­fy the same human urges: What do we need music to do? How do we vis­it the land in our head and the place in our heart that music takes us to? Can I get a round-trip tick­et?

Its get­ting lot of press pret­ty much every­where at the moment, and there isn’t much there that has­n’t been said many times before but David Byrne’s Wired mus­ings on the state of the record­ing indus­try as it relates to artists and record com­pa­nies ties it all togeth­er rather well and is well worth the time to read. And the con­ver­sa­tion audio snips with Bri­an Eno are very much worth the extra few min­utes if this top­ic is of inter­est. These are not minor play­ers.

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