Maybe I’m Amazed…..

Yes­ter­day morn­ing I made caught the Garu­da flight from Den­pasar to Yogyakar­ta in cen­tral Java. Noth­ing to spe­cial in that real­ly. I came back on the late evening flight and arrived back about ten at night to a friend­ly but qui­et Bali. I’ve done it a few times in recent months and what was once quite an adven­ture has become rather ordi­nary.

Yes­ter­day I had five hours to kill and did a walk through the mar­kets and the back alleys of cen­tral Jog­ja which I enjoyed more than I expect­ed to. I found a street the length of K Road that sells only pirate DVDs and CDs and I bought a cou­ple of CDs.

I love the Depart­ment stores full of Xmas glit­ter above Mus­lim shawl dis­plays, the dozens of bent over old men, backs long ruined, down dirty gangs weigh­ing pre­cious stones and the groups of gig­gling school girls that could be any­where on the plan­et if it wasn’t for that cheeky Indone­sian grin that you see every­where here and nowhere else.

Some of the awe returned.

And Garu­da – it’s a flight like any oth­er Garu­da flight which means it real­ly isn’t like any oth­er. The run­way at Jog­ja Inter­na­tion­al Air­port is a piece of work and you tend to bounce around and across it rather ran­dom­ly, but you get there. The woman next to me was down pray­ing fever­ish­ly to her god. I’d rather put my faith in the main­te­nance crews but that’s a not a com­fort­ing thought on this 737, which had life jack­et instruc­tions in Russ­ian sten­cilled on the back of the seats. I guess they were stripped from an Il-18 or some­thing back in the day. The bro­ken ash­trays were super­glued shut.

I once flew busi­ness class on Garu­da for six hours with every light on the plane. It was the mid­dle of the night and the inflight enter­tain­ment sys­tem crashed at the same time. The crew seemed to have no idea what exact­ly to do and smiled before hid­ing. But Indone­sia comes with a degree of accep­tance of these things.

The killer record:

Ter­ry Brookes fea­tur­ing Aaron Soul – City Life (Carl Craig vocal mix) This is sin­gle of the year right now hands down. I don’t know where broth­ers Ter­ry and Aaron are from, Europe I guess since this is on a Dutch label and Ter­ry has released a cou­ple of sin­gles on Euro­pean labels, but Carl Craig does some­thing spe­cial again in a year when he’s done it over and over again. In the same way he nailed 2003 with Ango­la, right at the end of the year and rede­fined trib­al tech­no, this drags his sound back to Detroit cir­ca 1993 when KMS were doing all those won­der­ful Chez Dami­er tracks.

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